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The V-Ride unit from SCAG is ideal for intricate area use and has become a very popular choice for this sort of work. The operator is situated almost directly above the centre of the cutting deck, leaning against a comfortable pad. The view for operating is extremely clear, hence the popularity for intricate areas. Also, because of the dimensions of the unit they fit well on a trailer or in a van.
Cutting deck sizes are 36″, 48″, 52″ or 61″ and the power choice is from Kawasaki or Kohler engines. Deck raise / lower and cut height selection is an easy arrangement via a lever reached from the operator platform, and the new version has enhanced controls and dashboard to for even greater ease of use.

V-Ride Stand on Mowers

The SCAG Ride-on mowers have traditionally favoured the layout of having the operator as close to the centre point of the machine as possible, and the V-Ride machine retains this but with the operator standing as opposed to sitting. The machine is now in its second generation after much field research by SCAG. The controls are easy to use, the pad the operator leans against has been increased in size, hydraulics are easier to reach than previously and the dashboard and controls have been updated.

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