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Humus is the product range from Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen and STM represent them in the UK. There are three main product areas: Rotary Decks, Flail heads and their specialised product – The Safety Mulcher.

Rotary decks are tractor mounted front or rear and include fixed deck widths plus models with swing out heads. The AFLR has a single such head and is popular for use around fence posts or on solar farm installations.

Flail heads are heavy duty construction and provide high performance. There are “Y” type blade systems, or a comprehensive set of claw flails.

The Safety Mulcher system features a patent cutting system. There is a flail-head type rotor, but it has a series of toothed spiral plates fixed to it to create a spiral. This spins at high speed and very effectively cuts down grass and brush, whilst having a the dual safety aspects of 1) riding over anything that is too solid to cut, and 2) ejecting small debris items safely at the side by way of the spiral action.


humus ROTARY: VO cutting deck with twin swing-out heads

The VO has two swing-out heads, giving the ability for some impressive width capacity.

VO 2500: 1.73 – 2.44m / VO 2700: 1.94 – 2.72m / VO 3000: 2.05 – 3.07m / VO 3500: 2.26 – 3.41m

The working width is stageless, and set from the tractor.

Swing-out heads can be operated independently

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humus Rotary: Swing-out head – AFLR

The three sizes available offer a basic working width plus the additional cut from the swing out head.

AFLR 1800: 1.40 – 1.76m / AFLR 2300: 1.83 – 2.39m / AFLR 2500: 1.93 – 2.56

They all also feature lateral offset for additional reach:

AFLR 1800: 1.60m / AFLR 2300: 2.33m / AFLR 2500: 2.49m

The head has an optional sensor on it to assist in working round obstacles.

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