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humus Rotary

Humus is the product range from Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen and STM represent them in the UK. There are three main product areas: Rotary Decks, Flail heads and their specialised product – The Safety Mulcher.

Rotary decks are tractor mounted front or rear and include fixed deck widths plus models with swing out heads. The AFLR has a single such head and is popular for use around fence posts or on solar farm installations.

humus ROTARY: SHF cutting deck

Heavy duty four blade [2lg / 2sm] unit for front or rear mounting. With sideshift.

Working width 2.30m with 0.40m sideshift – 45HP tractor

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humus ROTARY: STO cutting deck

2 models in the range:

STO230 has three cutting heads  [2 lg / 1sm] to create overlap. 2.25 cutting width, with 0.40m sideshift

STO260 has four cutting heads [2 lg / 2 sm] to create overlap. 2.61 cutting width, with 0.40 sideshift.

Front of rear mounted.

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humus ROTARY: AFLR cutting deck with swing-out head

The AFLR consists of a large rotary deck, with side-shift plus a single swing-out head.

The unit is ideal for cutting areas with fences, trees – or for Solar Farms, to mow under frames.

Three models in the range:

AFLR1800 [20HP range]:- Cutting width 1.40 [max. w/swing-out: 1.76] with 1.60 side shift.

AFLR2300 [35HP range]:- Cutting width 1.83 [max. w/swing-out: 2.39] with 2.33 side shift.

AFLR2500 [40HP range]:- Cutting width 1.93 [max. w/swing-out: 2.56] with 2.49 side shift.

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humus ROTARY: VO cutting deck with twin swing-out heads

The VO has two swing-out heads, giving the ability for some impressive width capacity.

VO 2500: 1.73 – 2.44m / VO 2700: 1.94 – 2.72m / VO 3000: 2.05 – 3.07m / VO 3500: 2.26 – 3.41m

The working width is stageless, and set from the tractor.

Swing-out heads can be operated independently

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