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BOKI Grave Digger

The Boki Grave digger types 2051E and 2551E are evolutionary machines with ergonomic joystick controls, optimal views and driver controlled hydraulics.

The design is a purpose built ‘grave digging’ machine…different than anything you have known so far.

The reason why it has been designed:

  • For working in tight areas
  • A very powerful tool for hard soil conditions
  • To make it possible to dig a square-edged grave
  • To work to the deepest level directly next to the machine
  • No hand labour necessary
  • To do a job in a reasonable time

The philosophy behind this machine is:

  • To bring as little weight as possible on the pathways
  • To avoid collapsing of graves and/or compaction of ones nearby
  • To have wheels instead of tracks to minimise turf damage risk
  • A graveyard is the opposite of a building site…everything has to stay clean


BOKI Grave Digger

There is hydraulic track adjustment (wheels on the left and right sliding seperately) that can be operated to give an outer width of 1250mm when driving… ideally the Boki Grave digger can be optimally postioned even where space is severely limited.

The cabin has sliding windows on both sides, pneumatic suspension seat if required, a radio/CD and tipping cabin. Increased safety is there as it is designed by a grave digger specialist that has been in the industry for two decades.

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