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STM Accessories

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STM Accessories

STM manufacture a number of complementary products designed to extend and enhance the range of SCAG grasscutting machinery.


Pg 6 SWZ gas conversion in use

LPG conversion

To help achieve cost savings, reduction in downtime and contributing to a greener environment, STM carry out lpg conversions for pedestrian and ride-on machines.

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Rear Discharge

Rear discharge

SCAG Decks can be converted from standard side discharge to rear to reduce risk of debris fly-out, maintain a smooth cut and assist in removal of cuttings.

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Humus collage

Humus heads

Humus Safety Mulcher [the spiral cutter] or low-level flail system available

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Reel in use


The Super Reel 30 is available with 30″ cut, using a four or five bladed cylinder, mechanical or hydraulic drive. Reverse switch allows for back-lapping and clearance of blockages .

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30″, 36″ and 48″ flail heads are available for the SWZ range. These are belt-driven and and available with three types of flail cutter: back to back sets, or long / short twisted.

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