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Brugge welcomes SCAGs

Brugge grass website

01 May 2018
Our new dealership in Belgium, Espritt, has already obtained a prestigious order with the historic city of Brugge for ten SWZ pedestrian SCAG mowers. This is an outstanding start

SCAG announce V-Ride 2

V-Ride 2 Rear 3Q

26 Sep 2017
SCAG have followed their practice of continuous development and listening to operator feedback by developing the V-Ride 2. Essentially, the revised stand-on deck configuration has placed the operator more

SCAG and STM earn their stripes!

STM SCAG V-Ride stripe 4

20 Jun 2017
Here’s a story that’s been picked up by the trade press . . . Jamie Jones of MAC in Powys had worked out a SCAG V-Ride was just what

SCAG on Instagram

SWZ Wales Castle slope

31 Jan 2017
SCAG in the USA have a very lively Instagram community, and we’re happy to note that someone from the UK has decided to make our presence felt. And with

SCAG Blower mounted on a Turf Tiger


22 Nov 2016
Blow your leaves and debris with a Turf Tiger ride-on! The successful SCAG Giant Vac Extreme Pro meets the world of the Turf Tiger ride on by means of a