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The rise of the STM Flail Head

SWZ Flail side view Oct 18

31 Jul 2018
2018 has seen a continued increase in the sales of STM flail heads in the range of 30, 36 and 48″ sizes. The current trend to change in frequency

Hortech champion the SWZ

Hortech 0518 Bank 1a

12 Jun 2018
Hortech have just taken delivery of four SCAG SWZs, and their Commercial Director Duncan Jones explained about the many aspects of the range that keep SCAG so high on

Brugge welcomes SCAGs

Brugge grass website

01 May 2018
Our new dealership in Belgium, Espritt, has already obtained a prestigious order with the historic city of Brugge for ten SWZ pedestrian SCAG mowers. This is an outstanding start

SCAG and STM earn their stripes!

STM SCAG V-Ride stripe 4

20 Jun 2017
Here’s a story that’s been picked up by the trade press . . . Jamie Jones of MAC in Powys had worked out a SCAG V-Ride was just what

SCAG on Instagram

SWZ Wales Castle slope

31 Jan 2017
SCAG in the USA have a very lively Instagram community, and we’re happy to note that someone from the UK has decided to make our presence felt. And with